Offering Cash Rewards With No Down-Sides

Introducing Graphic Arts Alliance, a program that has INSTANT benefits, no
down-sides and cash rewards for doing nothing but continuing with business as usual.

Graphic Arts Alliance was launched in 2002 to help mid-sized printing and
packaging companies take advantage of an average of $5,000 to $12,000 or more annually in vendor cash rebates and discounts that would typically only be available to $100 Million plus companies.

If you’re using vendors like the Fuji, Sappi, Kodak, Verso, Superior and
many others, and have annual revenues between $7 Million and $65 Million,
Graphic Arts Alliance is a great fit for your company.

How We Operate

Because Graphic Arts Alliance is member owned and member controlled, you will be joining an Alliance of printers and packaging companies whose mission is to serve your best interests.
This means complete transparency in our operations…no hidden agendas, no unilateral
decisions and voting rights for all Full Members.

The Board of Managers (which operates like a Board of Directors) consists of 7 Member Representatives who are either elected by our Members or maintain their position based on
their purchasing volume through the group. The Board makes recommendations on contract areas and final decisions on vendor selection. A set of Bylaws was developed to keep decision making consistent and also allow our Members to determine the operating structure of the
group. The Board meets twice a year for a formal meeting. There is a general Membership meeting once each year.

Buying Power

Unlike many other purchasing groups, there is no obligation to buy from any group contract.
This allows our Members to maintain control over their own purchases by selecting which contracts benefit them. We enjoy National Account status with our vendors and work to maintain excellent relationships. As our Membership grows we are able to renegotiate contracts to provide even better savings. We are constantly working on new contract areas, expanding our existing contracts and looking for other opportunities which will add to the bottom line of each Member Company.


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