Here’s what some of our Vendors are saying about working with GAA:


“Fujifilm aims to add value to members’ participation in the Graphic Arts Alliance program. The GAA members collectively purchase a large amount of graphic arts consumables and equipment, equating to a significant level of “buying power”.

Our National Account program with GAA is in addition to programs we’ve established on the local level, which are based on total volume potential from that customer. The members I’ve spoken with feel their membership in GAA offers them benefits that they may not have been able to negotiate on their own.

Those benefits are not only pricing and rebates but also access to information regarding current technology and future trends in our industry that they need to remain competitive in today’s challenging marketplace.”

Raymond Rafalowski, National Accounts Manager, Fujifilm


“As Vice President National Accounts for Printers’ Service (Prisco), I have had the pleasure of working with the members of Graphic Arts Alliance (GAA) for nearly nine years. Prisco welcomed the opportunity to become GAA’s preferred supplier of pressroom consumables because of our long-standing commitment to the offset printing industry.

In addition, we recognized the void that GAA could fill in assisting printers in gaining a stronger position with vendors in this industry. Effective buying along with access to key programs are items that GAA and I jointly work on throughout each year.

Our joint commitment to improving the productivity and profitability of members has paid dividends for both members and for Prisco. The past few years have been difficult ones in the printing industry, and our growth with members is indicative of how well these programs have worked.”

Jay Friedman, Vice President National Accounts, Printers’ Service (Prisco)


“Sappi Fine Paper North America has been a supplier to GAA since 2008. We aligned with GAA as part of our efforts to reach the graphic design community during our product launch for Flo sheets. This product launch was one of the most successful in our company history and our alignment with GAA played a role in our success.

GAA has been a joy to work with and they are well organized. We have had great success with GAA and the members. We are happy to have aligned with GAA and look forward to many years of continued growth.”

Christian M. Nardone, National Accounts Manager, Sappi Fine Paper North America

Sun Chemical

“I have been involved with the GAA for over 9 years. Sun Chemical became a vendor participant of a growing printer association so we could grow sales as the GAA grew in membership. We have seen sales growth year over year even though the economy has been difficult. GAA is an excellent partner.”

John Houser, Eastern Regional District Manager, Sun Chemical


“Veritiv National Accounts began working with GAA as a preferred vendor in October 2008. Our company saw this as an opportunity to build on the already successful business we enjoyed with several members and offer financial returns for growth of that business. It also allowed an introduction to members who were not familiar with or were not currently utilizing Veritiv as a vendor for paper, packaging, graphics, facility supplies or equipment to participate in the financial reward.

Many members are already valued customers of Veritiv. As such, they will have the option of maintaining their current program, with local discounts and incentives, or participating in the national incentive program. All sales in all product categories count toward the incentive so there are many ways to contribute to the program without disruption to current relationships.

Our association with the GAA program is extremely valuable to Veritiv National Accounts as it has allowed us to gain experience and find solutions for customers that are not always available locally.

The communication and professionalism [GAA] brings to the program sets them apart from similar programs that are available to today’s graphic arts suppliers and independent printers alike. At Veritiv, we look forward to more growth and success with GAA.”

Jay James, Business Manager, Veritiv National Accounts